Healing is on its way 🙌🏻

Welcome to Achieve the Impossible Today! It’s been a little too long since the last time I posted something… In this week’s blog, I am diving into the new doctor I am seeing as well as the healing that has already started. I love how God times everything perfectly and never misses a beat in anything. It might take awhile for us, but it is exactly what God planned.

July 22nd – The Day Everything Began to Line Up

Alright, the night before July 22nd, my mom had gotten a phone call from a new doctors office that we had been put on the wait list to see. My appointment was not scheduled until December. If you’ve been following my blogs for some time, you will understand that I have some brain challenges due to a rare disease, Alpha Mannosidosis. The office called to say there was an opening the next day for me to get an evaluation with this new doctor. Luckily, my mom and I were free and we took the appointment!

This doctor is known as a Chiropractic Neurologist or Functional Neurologist. This is a super unique specialization and there are not many of him in my area. He has a chiropractic background, but continued on in post graduate studies in neurology. As I’ve been researching about Chiropractic Neurologists, I have learned that they focus on the nervous system and the brain. This whole entire field is super interesting to me and I can not stop researching things. Chiropractic Neurologists are able to just do amazing things. Definitely recommend looking up if you are intrigued 🙂

The appointment was intense, but worth it. We went over my whole entire history and I received a full neurological exam (I may have laughed the whole time due to all the unknowns). A full neurological exam basically means that every reflex (I believe, he checked a lot) was examined. The reflexes we have or lack of uncover what is going on with our brain. This information he gathered, helped him to figure out what hemisphere of my brain is lacking. And so, treatment will help bring the weak hemisphere to be even with the other hemisphere. Don’t quote me on this, but I believe once the two hemisphere’s are the same, they can treat both sides together if there are still challenges.

After the Eval and Scheduling My First Appt

The initial evaluation was on a Friday and so the rest of the weekend, I was extremely tired. He said I would be tired, but I didn’t expect to be as tired as I was. I was hoping to get some sewing done, but that did not happen. Instead, I have since put away my sewing supplies. This is not the season for sewing… 😦 In my time with God, I was praying for an appointment to be available this week if it was His will. The more I prayed this, the more I felt the Lord telling me it was going to happen.

I called Monday and no one answered. Of course, this made me feel more anxious because they are only in the office specific days of the week. Through this time, I was praying and believing for an opening this week in the schedule. I got a call several hours later and it was just a busy day in their office. We ended up scheduling my first appointment for Thursday of that week as well as scheduling for August, September, and October. The joy and excitement I felt after that phone call was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

First Few Appointments

Since this has taken me longer to write than expected, I have had a total of three appointments after the initial evaluation. I see him once every week. After the first appointment, I was extremely relaxed to the point of resting for two and a half days. I believe I was so relaxed because of what he had me doing, but also believe it was a tad much for my brain.

Every appointment since, he has done less and less. Although, the relaxation was extremely nice because I have never felt as relaxed as I was. I hope to get more into what goes on during my appointments. For now, he is primarily focused on my neck (was in car accident 7 years ago and have had issues since then) and eyes.

The Current Season

Currently, my world has flipped upside down. There are so many wonderful things taking place, but also a ton of challenges. Everything that I am experiencing seems to be getting worse… balance issues when I walk, ears feeling clogged, ringing is louder, headaches due to neck, etc.

Towards the end of June, I was at a prayer/worship night and someone had mentioned to me that Surrounded was my song for this season of life. I kinda laughed when I heard that because that was my song when I was healing from depression… Today, it hit me!!

When listening to the lyrics of that song, it says “There’s a table that You’ve prepared for me. In the presence of my enemies…” That may not seem like much to you. But I am in the presence of my ‘enemies’ at the table God has prepared for me. Every time before healing takes place for me, every thing gets worse and then a switch is flipped and every thing is better. The depression got worse and kept trying to come back. The same is happening right now.

I will keep my focus on Him and pay no attention to whatever symptoms I may be experiencing. Healing is on the way and I will continue to praise Him for what He’s done.

For we walk by faith, not by sight.

2 Corinthians 5:7 NKJV

Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog! Make sure to follow Achieve the Impossible Today, so you don’t miss a post. I am working on posting more consistently. If you have any prayer requests, feel free to comment them or contact me. As always, He can and He will help you through everything, we just need to seek Him first.

One response to “Healing is on its way 🙌🏻”

  1. Best wishes for success with your new physician. It is frustrating to experience new symptoms when you’ve been stable.
    I’m praying for you.


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