Sarah Forsman

~Let’s achieve the impossible today~

Hi, I’m Sarah!

Currently a college student studying marketing who has a passion for the brain. I started studying marketing and realized I am not super passionate about marketing. My goal in life is to simply help others. We all have challenges we face, but these situations enable us to experience amazing opportunities we might have never imagined.

I was born with Alpha Mannosidosis, received a bone marrow transplant in 2003, and was in a car accident in 2015. My brain has been through quite a lot in a short amount of time. I’ve done many therapies along the way, but currently seeing a Chiropractic Neurologist and healing is happening!

I am working on things that I never thought were imaginable. Life hasn’t been easy, but I have found I love writing, photography, learning about the brain, and connecting with others.

In life we have two options: to give up or to keep going. I have chosen to keep going and I am excited to see where I go. Follow my adventure through my blog where I will be sharing how I am overcoming my challenges and achieving the impossible every single day. I hope to encourage others to keep going!

I wanted to create a platform for sharing my testimony and allowing others to share how they are achieving the impossible in life. I believe there are many opportunities for us to lift each other up and this is the first step for making that happen. I truly wish to create a transformative community. More info to come 🙂

my journey with Alpha Mannosidosis from birth to 2022

Let’s Achieve the Impossible Today!


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