Goodbye 22, Hello 23

Well friends, yesterday was my 23rd birthday. Crazy to think I’ve completed another year around the sun as human being here on planet earth. This 22nd year has brought joy, happiness, challenges, and a million reasons to be grateful.

I’m excited to look back and remember where I was and how God has moved within my life during this 22nd year. Looking back at what has happened helps me to remember life in general. It is also a great way for me to document since this is a blog post 🙂

Some experiences…

  • Served at True North’s Youth Ministry
  • Attended The Holy Spirit Masterclass at True North College
  • Went to a friend’s wedding
  • The Rona got me 😦
  • Shared my Alpha Mannosidosis story to families across the world
  • Went vegan for a few months
  • Invited and started serving on ISMRD board
  • True North Youth Summer Camp
  • Football game at Rowan University with Chi Alpha
  • Neurofeedback transitioned to doing at home
  • Chi Alpha Fall Retreat
  • Celebrated 18 years since bone marrow transplant
  • Trips to Longwood Gardens
  • Video made for sharing my story with Alpha Mannosidosis
  • Started seeing a nutritionist
  • Learned how to tune and worked on learning guitar
  • 2 online classes
  • Parent’s got baptized
  • Taught others to sew
  • Completed sewing a romper 🙂

There’s been so many fun and exciting things that have happened. Even though there are so many amazing events I’ve been able to be apart of, there have still been lots of challenges along the way. Due to Alpha Mannosidosis, I still have some brain issues and have to be cautious of how I am feeling. I constantly have to assess if I am doing too much and have to take frequent breaks. I am grateful with where I am in life because my life could be completely different.

Learning Experiences

  • Trusting God with what He calls me to
  • Learning to listen to Him even if He says no to something I love
  • Resting in His presence

Opportunities in Sharing My Story

Feel free to click the link to view the blogs/video 🙂

23 Here We Come!!!

I am very excited to be entering into a new year of life. This year I am hoping to continue learning and just trusting in what God is calling me to do in this life. My life looks a lot different than a person who wasn’t born with Alpha Mannosidosis, but that is okay. I am praying for opportunities to connect with others and just to continue sharing my story.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog! Make sure to follow Achieve the Impossible Today, so you don’t miss a post. I am working on posting more consistently. If you have any prayer requests, feel free to comment them or contact me. As always, He can and He will help you through everything, we just need to seek Him first.

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