Things Are Not Coincidences

Welcome to Achieve the Impossible Today! So glad you stumbled upon this blog. I *try* to post a blog every week, but that does not always happen. I am writing about all things on my journey with God, Alpha Mannosidsosis, and what I am up to in life. This week’s post is really explaining how I got to seeing my new doctor and the positive changes we are already seeing!! Enjoy!

Coincidences or God’s Timing?

Most of the time things seem super random and strange. It’s easy to think why is this happening or why am I thinking of this? God will place things in our hearts during different seasons. I’m learning that He places things on our hearts to prepare and equip us for the season we are walking into. It’s astonishing to think about. There’s a whole lot of excitement that I’m feeling right now because things are making more sense, but it hasn’t been easy getting here. So much has happened and I am so excited to let you in on what the past couple of months have been like 🙂

Here’s some back story

When I started 2022 out, I felt God place the word “faith” on my heart for the year. Honestly it didn’t scare me. Kinda thought it was cool that I would be learning more about faith and how to step out in faith or even experience faith like never before. I never thought I would see what He’s done and it is only the beginning of September!!

December 2021

I know this is a blog about 2022 and how God has moved, but I truly believe God was preparing my heart and life schedule for 2022 before it even began! I was going to take a break from youth starting in January, taking a break from Chi Alpha during the spring semester, and was starting neurofeedback 3x a week (instead of 2x a week). My nutritionist also recommended a Chiropractic Neurologist for me to see. This recommendation was made right when we started seeing her in December, but we decided to not go that path right away.


During the month of February, God was putting several things into my life. Looking back now, every thing makes complete sense in the craziest of ways. It is so cool being able to look back at what the Lord was placing in my heart as well as what others were guiding me to do to help.

The nutritionist I’d been seeing for the past couple of months was helping me tremendously. We were seeing progress and it was just a super exciting time! I would have these moments of just being super super emotional. It would be almost impossible for me to get out of these emotional swings that I was experiencing. I would text my nutritionist during this time and just ask for help. I felt like there was nothing I could do to get out of this feeling. She directed me to confessing scripture over my life. She wanted me to read scripture aloud and at the time I was very insecure about reading scripture aloud because I wanted to remain quiet and silent. She recommended psalm 23 because it was one she really enjoyed. Since this was through text, she waited for me to respond and was able to hold me accountable. I had to be pushed a little, but it was done in such a gracious and beautiful way. I thought it was a silly thing to do, but have since learned the power that came from this moment. It created a cry that came from the Holy Spirit and just helped me so much in that moment. 

The other thing during the month of February was rest. I felt the Lord telling me to learn about rest and the sabbath. We live in a super chaotic and crazy world. Rest is nowhere to be found and yet it is something the Lord calls each and every one of His children to. I started reading books and tried taking sabbaths. It was an interesting process. I loved the idea, but my brain did not. The way my brain is, it does not relax. I had several sabbaths and tried, but eventually stopped pursuing them. It ended up causing more anxiety than anything. Unfortunately, I threw in the towel.


My mom and I were invited to a local housefire church by a few of our friends. Let me tell you… this was an amazing experience. I don’t even know how to articulate what we experienced. I will tell you, the Holy Spirit was moving and it was such a special moment. Ever since the time we were invited, we have not stopped going! We’ve been able to make so many new friends. You won’t believe this, but the doctor my nutritionist recommended in December… this was his and his wife’s housefire church! And so, this got us to start thinking about scheduling an appointment with him in his office. We felt like this was a little nudge from God.


I had a marketing internship with Craniofacial Connection. I helped them to develop their social media platforms and start raising awareness of the organization. This internship was a few months and I absolutely loved everything I was able to learn during this experience. I was praying about whether I should continue helping, but God was telling me not to. Even though I am finished with the internship at this point (ended in July), I still help every now and then.


The very beginning of July (July 7th) after a neurofeedback appointment, I was experiencing spaciness. This prompted my doctor to put a hold on the neurofeedback. I was very much okay with this idea, the change of 3x to no times a week was challenging. It was logical to me to take a break because I should not be getting spacey from neurofeedback. My doctor wanted to do a qEEG to see what was going on with my brain as well to see if any changes have occurred since the last qEEG. I am still not doing neurofeedback (potentially starting in October). The last time I took a break from neurofeedback was when COVID first came in 2020 and shut everything down.

The day my internship ended (July 22nd), I was able to have an evaluation with the new doctor! This appointment was not supposed to be until December. I thank God for His timing in everything. This was a tiring appointment because we went through my whole entire medical history and he checked majority if not all of my reflexes.


We have made it to September and the Lord is moving crazy fast. He is working on healing in all parts of my life. It is extremely cool to watch, but is a little challenging. There are good days and there are bad days. The brain related symptoms are calming down, but they do get worse before they get better. The healing that is happening right now is something we’ve been praying for during the past couple of years. As of right now, the spaciness is gone and other things are lessening 🙂

God has been revealing things to me and I am learning something new (sometimes multiple new things) every week. The two biggest things I have learned in this season is that we are seated at a table with God in the presence of our enemies (Psalm 23). I am learning how to just focus on God and nothing else that is happening around me. The second lesson has been resting with Jesus especially during the storm (rest). When we rest, it allows our bodies to chill and when we rest with Jesus, He does the supernatural. When you look back through what I’ve written, you will find that Psalm 23 was recommended for me to read from my nutritionist and rest was something in my spirit that God was whispering to me. Both of these things came into my life during February and now God has brought them back into my life for this season that I am currently in.


Alright, woah! That was a lot!! If you read through all that, what do you think? Do you see God’s hand in every single situation?!?!? I did not even put every single detail into this blog post. The things that have been happening are only explainable through God. I am so thankful that He has shown me how much He truly is moving in this season. The beginning of the year started with the word Faith and I did not know what that meant, but I am learning more about what it means now 🙂

The year is not done yet. I contemplated writing this post because I have a yearly blog post that is an overview of the year called “Uncovering 202_”. God has shown me the amount He has moved and He is just getting started. I can’t wait to revisit everything that has happened this past year towards the end of December.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog! Make sure to follow Achieve the Impossible Today, so you don’t miss a post. I am working on posting more consistently. If you have any prayer requests, feel free to comment them or contact me. As always, He can and He will help you through everything, we just need to seek Him first.

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