Achieve the Impossible Today

Change of Perspective

Imagine being told the worst possible news or going through something that might cost you your life. Things happen, people get sick, accidents exist. Nothing is guaranteed in life. It is a miracle that you woke up breathing today. There may be chaos happening in your life, but you woke up breathing today. That’s truly incredible and a blessing.

You honestly have no idea when life will end and I don’t know when life will end. I want to show you that it is simply a miracle you are here reading this blog post right this second. It is a miracle that I had a chance to write this blog post. With that being said, I believe we should wake up every day with an attitude of gratitude.

My Perspective

Personally, life has been crazy and I have recently adopted this mindset of achieving the impossible today. My story consists of many times where I simply could have died. There’s been many times when I have wanted to give up. When I say, “lets achieve the impossible today,” I really mean it. The life I am living was not promised and is a gift. I have grown to learn how precious this thing called “life” is. We have one opportunity and I am tired of wasting time.

I will expand on my story in a later blog post, but my story consists of being born with a super rare genetic disease called Alpha Mannosidosis and being in a pretty serious car accident in 2015 that I walked away from. Through the years I have had memory issues, sensory issues, cognitive issues, depression issues, etc… I still deal with issues to this day, but I do my best to do the things in life that will help others. I don’t want my struggles limiting the things I do.

The Reason

Achieve The Impossible Today has come from a mindset that I have created. With that being said, I wanted to create a website that I could use as a space for me to share what’s going on in my life and how I am overcoming any obstacle that tries to stop me. I am determined to live I’ve been called to live.

We all have our own perspectives and how we personally get through challenges. This got me thinking… and the idea of creating a community that shares about difficulties and how every single person has managed to overcome their own difficulties was born. We all have situations and ways of handling them in life…why not share and build each other up? More info to come shortly 🙂

I desire to let others know that they can and will get through whatever challenge they are facing. Life isn’t going to get any easier and I hope to share some knowledge with you. I may not be perfect in the answers I have, but I’ll be sharing how I got through my own challenges.

Come follow me on my journey that I never expected to be on. Life is full of surprises and I am excited to be able to As of right now, I plan on staying consistent with publishing blogs, creating YouTube videos, posting on social media, and connecting with you!


  • Achieve the Impossible Today blog posts every Monday & Friday
  • Uncovering Joy blog posts every Thursday
  • YouTube vlogs every Friday
  • Daily posts on all social media accounts

Thank you for reading! If you have a way that helps to create the best version of yourself every day, let me know in the comments. I would love to hear what you are doing. Let’s work on building a community filled of support and sharing. We are better together. We all go through challenging times and have the opportunity to help each other.

Have a fantastic day! Hope to see you again soon. You are loved and appreciated.

Sarah Forsman
Let’s Achieve the Impossible Today

2 responses to “Achieve the Impossible Today”

  1. This is a great encouragement to so many who are feeling down about their circumstances in life. Waking up each day believing you can do the impossible is possible and you Sarah are a great example of that and an inspiration to follow! Love it💕

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