Just Another Tuesday

It is currently 10:40pm (EST) and somehow the day is pretty much over. Have you ever had one of those days that seem to take forever, but when you get to the end of the day you are asking where the day went? Well that was today.

Jokingly, I was talking earlier with my instructor during a private kickboxing/exercise session about my blog and he had brought up me writing about the kickboxing session. Earlier I had laughed about this, but it is going my session will be appearing below in today’s blog.

This is day number two and I almost forgot to write the blog. As you can see, we are off to an excellent start to this blog challenge. If you are new here, I am writing a blog every day during the month of March. Since I sorta forgot about the blog, I am just going to go over my day.

Tuesdays are typically one of my favorite days because of all the different activities that I have going on. Typically we start off with a private kickboxing/exercise session, psychologist/neurofeedback appointment, chill for majority of the day, and go to a masterclass offered at the church I attend, and go to bed.


Starting off my days are always interesting to say the least. Sometimes I wake up feeling super energetic, super tired, or experiencing headaches and balance issues. This morning, I had woken up feeling a little off this morning because I was having a balance issue. I will get into this a little later, but I have brain issues and this is something I have been dealing with for months now. I fed my dog, did the dishes, and meditated before going out the door this morning.

I started my day out of my house at a private kickboxing/exercise session. I have been going to these sessions for a few months and absolutely love them. I have never really shown anger or had a way of releasing the energy within me. I learned that I really enjoy punching and hitting things, which surprises me a ton! Recently in these sessions, we have been focusing on building upper body strength as well as core strength. I am always trying to sweat as much as possible during the sessions. I really enjoy exercising and even though I woke up with my balance being off, I was still able to go to my session today and breathe through everything. I am excited to continue doing these as it is a highlight of my week.


Typically, I go to a psychologist on Monday & Tuesdays, but I saw him for the last time last week. I am currently in a transition period. My primary reason for going to this specific psychologist was for the reason of neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is a treatment that is used to retrain brainwaves. It sounds odd, but it works and I have seen lots of improvements with my brain issues (being born with Alpha Mannosidosis and being in a car accident six years ago). I do get a little tired after treatment, so it was definitely nice having some extra time in my schedule which I thought wasn’t going to involve sleeping…

Soon I will continue going to a different doctor, but in the meantime I have a lot of free time in my afternoons. I was planning on preparing food for a Tony Robbins event that I am virtually going to this weekend, but I had gotten super tired, had a headache, and my balance was way off. Instead of preparing the food, I took a nap. After that nap, I did feel a lot better! Went to the vet with my dog. She is all good and healthy! One last thing I completed during my afternoon, was folding laundry.


Dinner came rather quick and right after dinner, my dad and I left for the masterclass that is held at my church. My church recently started a college and they offer a masterclass for one of the classes that the college has during the semester. Masterclasses are super cool because as attendees, we do not have to take any notes or take any tests. We are simply there to sit in and learn. The class this semester is titled Doctrine of Salvation & The Church. We are learning a decent amount of information and I am loving every moment of it!

And somehow, it is now bed time… When writing this, I found that I accomplished a decent amount of things. It is not as many things as I would have hoped, but I still accomplished things!

Thanks for reading! Like this post? Make sure to like it and comment how your Tuesday was. If you like what you are reading and would like to follow me on this journey of blogging, don’t forget to subscribe! I’ll see ya later. Have a fantastic day!


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