Unleash the Power Within Day 3

Slowly getting back into the groove of writing. Had a quick digression yesterday, but we are back to the Unleash the Power Within recap that I have been doing for the past couple of posts.

Hmmmm so day 3 was a super powerful day. The title of this day was Transformation. That title just sounds so intriguing!! Day 3 was a rather emotional draining day, but it was completely worth it. Here are some quotes 🙂

If you change what you associate pain to and what you associate please to — you can change your life.” -Tony Robbins

“Whatever you attach “I am” to you will become with enough emotion and will live that way.” -Tony Robbins

“The strongest force in human personality is need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves.” -Tony Robbins

The morning and early afternoon activities on the third day were setting up the stage for the Dickens Process. This was honestly one of my favorite parts of the seminar. To sum up with this process is, it is where you take limiting beliefs and turn those into beliefs that will serve your life. There are a lot of emotions that go on through this process, but when it is completed you feel amazing and it was a big celebration afterwards. Here’s a little outline of my limiting beliefs and how I changed them:

  • My challenges stop me from achieving what I wish –> My challenges allow me to have a new perspective and allow me to grow
  • My life is too complicated and complex for others to fully understand –> My life is inspiring and powerful.
  • My story won’t help others and isn’t powerful. –> My story will help others and give hope.

Wow today definitely was more of a emotional day. It was completely worth it. In the moment, I was not a fan of the Dickens Process, but it was life changing. I was able to imagine what would happen in life if I kept with those limiting beliefs I mentioned above. It was amazing to see the impact of the stories we tell ourselves. I now know I am free from those limiting beliefs and will be able to achieve the impossible.

Excited about the future possibilities.
Sandy is tired from all the noise she is experiencing while in my room during UPW.

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