Preparation Day

Remembering to Breathe

Tomorrow I am starting a Tony Robbins virtual event called Unleash the Power Within. I’m super excited, but also kinda feeling a little nervous! This event is from Thursday-Sunday and ranges from 12-14 hours per day. It is a little daunting at first hearing how long the days will be, but also exciting at the same time.

Since this event is going to entail long hours, I spent four hours of my day in the kitchen preparing food for tomorrow. Preparing the food got me very excited because I know the food I will be consuming will be healthy and energizing for my body. I am working on being able to do this event with as few issues as possible. I want to ensure that my body has the energy that it needs for these long days.

Meal Plan for Next Four Days

The current plan is to drink 16oz of lemon water when I wake up. Do some stretching and feed my dog. I am working on building a habit of meditating for at least 30 minutes, so I will be meditating for 20 minutes tomorrow morning.

For breakfast, I will be fueling my body with eggs as well as yogurt and granola. I am not one to eat breakfast because I always forget somehow… I will be cooking eggs in the morning and keeping them warm until I get hungry. The yogurt and granola will also be eaten with the eggs and will be served with some sort of fruit option.

My lunches will be consisting of smoothies with ingredients of arugula, raspberries, peanut butter/nut butter, nutritional yeast, coconut milk with multigrain crackers on the side. I don’t want to eat something super heavy that would make me tired and thought smoothies would do the trick.

Thinking about my dinners makes me very excited! I used to eat the following meal for lunch every day a year ago! These meals will consist of chicken, rice, broccoli, red pepper, and hummus. All of the chicken and rice has been cooked and the vegetables have been chopped! I throw the container in the microwave for a quick reheat and throw the hummus on top. It is a super simple, yet healthy way to end the day.

Since I will be eating food that I am not 100% used to, I prepared!! In case I get hungry and need something to nibble on throughout the day, I have lots of snacks as well! These include: carrots, celery, string beans, bananas, strawberries, apples, trail mix, and bada beans. I may end of adding these foods with my other meals. Haha 🙂

Game Plan for Blogging

I will be involved in the event tomorrow, but I will still be posting a blog every single day! Instead of a super lengthy blog, I will be posting some of the highlights from the Unleash the Power Within Event each day. I am not 100% sure the end times of each day due to the event having the possibility of running over (which I’ve heard has happened in the past).

For now, if you have any thoughts on my food preparation or would like to add something that you do within your food preparation, let me know! I am always looking for new ideas and tasty food! Make sure to subscribe if you would love to see this month long journey of posts!! And remember, lets achieve the impossible today!


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