Unleash the Power Within Day 1

Wow… It is now a week and a day since I last posted. A week ago I was immersed in Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins. The virtual experience was like nothing I had ever been to before! I highly recommend going to one of his seminars if you ever have the chance.

There was a ton of information that I learned and still trying to process. I am redesigning my day to better fit my needs. A week ago, writing these blogs was one of the last things I did in my day. I am slowly making it to be a late morning/early afternoon task. Below I am going to share some thoughts and quotes about day one of Unleash the Power Within!

“We need compelling futures to help us to keep going through challenges.” -Tony Robbins

“Emotion is created by motion.” -Tony Robbins

“We all get what we tolerate. If we tolerate being depressed, we will be depressed.” -Tony Robbins

“Life is the dance between what you desire and fear the most.” -Tony Robbins

“Get in your head, you’re dead.” -Tony Robbins

Through the first day, we were asked to reflect on questions while in a peak state. When we are in a peak state, we will get the answers that are from our hearts. I am going to share a few of the questions. These are my personal responses. I have not included all of the questions, but have included some with the answers that my own body had come up with. What works for me might not work for you ❤

  1. What does an extraordinary life look like for you at the next level?
    • being 100% okay in my own skin and embracing who I am
    • being as authentic and joyful as possible
    • my goal is to show others that anything is possible
    • to continue adapting no matter the situation in life
  2. What needs to shift in order to get to that extraordinary life?
    • my emotional home
    • moving quickly to a peak state
    • adapting & being grateful
  3. What are your top two favorite flavors of suffering?
    • getting overwhelmed
    • feeling stuck
  4. What can you do to break the pattern?
    • getting overwhelmed –> breathe & smile, sit up, and take a minute to laugh
    • feeling stuck –> jump up & down, jam out to peak state music, think & adapt, and turn to God

At the end of the night, we did a board breaking exercise. For the time zone that I am in, it was 12am by the time we were doing this. You would think I would be super tired and out of it. I was a little out of it, but had lots of energy. I have posted several pictures below. The first day was absolutely amazing and just the beginning.

Thank you for reading this post! If this blog post brought you any value, please let me know in the comments! I would love to know what your thoughts are and how you are making improvements to your life. If you like what you see, don’t forget to subscribe. I am working on writing a blog post every day this month (whoops I missed about a week) and would love to see you hang around. And remember, let’s achieve the impossible today!


One response to “Unleash the Power Within Day 1”

  1. […] Today was a more relaxed day than the first day. It was nice in a way to have a little bit of a break. I did feel tired because we were not jumping as much as the previous day. It was nice to figure out what I am truly passionate about in life. I am currently working on implementing 30 minutes of reading self-development books as well as reading the Bible in the mornings before my days start. If you want to see what day 1 was click here. […]


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